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"Everything is awesome about it. Great job on packing and shipping." - Carver

"Wonderful feel and quality boards. Great personal service. They are simply the best providers of backgammon boards." - Jeff

Small Backgammon Sets for Every Taste

The Small Backgammon collection available at American-Wholesaler features a variety of sleek and compact backgammon sets designed to offer both convenience and aesthetic appeal. Within this category, customers have the choice of two different sizes: a 15-inch (38.1 cm) option and a slightly larger 16-inch (40.64 cm) variant, ensuring that there's a size suitable for every preference.

Among the brands featured in this category, Middleton Games stands out with its exquisite 15-inch backgammon boards. These boards boast an antique map design, adding a touch of vintage charm to the game. The intricate detailing of these boards appeals to those with a penchant for nostalgia and a love for classic aesthetics.

On the other hand, Silverman & Co. offers a vibrant and contemporary twist to the small backgammon category. Their 16-inch boards are adorned with striking and colorful designs that are sure to catch the eye. These boards bring a distinct and stylish appeal to the game, making them ideal for players who appreciate modern aesthetics and want their backgammon set to stand out.

All the backgammon sets in this category feature folding boards, enhancing their portability and making them convenient for travel. Whether you're on a vacation, a business trip, or simply heading to a friend's house for a game night, these sets are designed to be easily transported.

In terms of materials, these small backgammon sets are constructed from high-quality faux-leather or leatherette materials. This not only ensures durability but also provides a luxurious feel to the boards, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Furthermore, American-Wholesaler sweetens the deal by providing complimentary shipping throughout Europe. This ensures that your selected Silverman & Co. backgammon set will be delivered to your doorstep in just 3-5 days. This makes it easier for you to get these outstanding backgammon sets and enjoy the classic game in style.

In summary, the Small Backgammon category on American-Wholesaler's website offers a diverse range of options, from classic and antique-themed designs by Middleton Games to contemporary and vibrant choices by Silverman & Co. Whether you're a seasoned backgammon enthusiast or a casual player, these small backgammon sets are perfect for both travel and style, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.